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Our family owned and operated body shop provides top-quality auto body work with a quick turn around time. We take pride in our work, so each vehicle receives our utmost attention to detail. We are pleased to offer free estimates, and we accept insurance of all kinds for your convenience.

Mechanics vs. Auto Body Shops
After an accident, most people’s initial response is to take their car to their regular mechanic’s body shop. However, there’s actually a big difference between the work conducted by a mechanic and a body shop. Mechanics are trained to focus primarily on the mechanical workings of the car, and usually approach repairs by removing and replacing damaged mechanical parts. Body shops, on the other hand, take a more holistic view, and work to make the car both run and look like it did before the accident.
Body shops provide full-service collision repair, including:
  • Mechanical repairs
  • Full assessment of fenders, bumpers, and body panels
  • Repair, replacement, or realignment of fenders, bumpers, and body panels
  • Scratch and dent repair
  • Auto body painting and paint matching

Benefits of Body Shops

Because body shops take a more holistic approach, we will work to ensure that there is no hidden damage or misalignment that could cause future damage after an accident. Additionally, if paint work is required, a body shop like Blanchard Body Shop is your best bet, because mechanics don’t often offer paint services. A well-matched paint job, on top of quality body work, can make a car look even better than it did before a collision.

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