Auto Rust Repair

Auto Rust Repair

Auto Rust Repair

Auto rust starts out as a small problem, but can spread quickly, rapidly affecting the appearance and value of your car. Blanchard Body Shop is proud to provide top of the line auto rust repair services. There are two basic types of auto rust repair:
  • Small patch rust repair
  • Large scale rust repair

Small Patch Rust Repair

Small patches of rust often occur when scratches or dents are not repaired quickly, and the exposed metal body of your car is not protected. With small scale auto rust repair, the quickest, easiest, and least expensive solution is to sand away the rust and some of the paint surrounding the rust. The exposed metal is then repainted with our state of the art paint matching and painting equipment, protecting your car and restoring its appearance.

Large Scale Rust Repair

Large patches of rust require much more extensive work. This type of rust is common at the bottom of the car, especially in places like Michigan that deal with frequent snow and road salt. Snow and salt both affect the chemical reaction that creates rust, making it spread quickly. The best solution for large scale auto rust repair is often to cut out and replace the rusted metal. This ensures that the chemical reaction is halted, and the new metal will be protected by a fresh coat of paint.

How To Prevent Rust

Even with large scale rust repair, rust can come back due to frequent driving in snow and salt. You can help prevent rust by frequent car washes, especially those with undercarriage wash. The best options for preventing the spread of existing rust, however, are the rust repair solutions at Blanchard Body Shop.

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